Take part in our new MDN campaign!

Hello all,

We have created a new MDN activity in the Community Portal in collaboration with the MDN team!

We want to make this month the “month of MDN” and promote this new activity to contributors and local communities with your help.

Share with your communities and to start trying this new activity.

This first week, we would like to collect your feedback on the activity, and then we will start to promote the activity more widely.

Do you want to give us hand?

  • Prepare an event! (there are three possible formats for events in the Portal) and remember to connect it to the activity. Give us feedback to help us improve.
  • Try MDN and/or contribute on your own
  • Spread the word about the MDN activity to your community and friends

Are you (or another member of your community) already active in MDN? Please get in touch!

Let me know if you have any questions,


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