Talk on "Why Open Source ?"

This is the first time ever I have not presented any presentation, this time it’s gonna be a pure talk where people can ask me anything about open source. I have started my talk with, what I am thinking or believing about open source.

Full Story:

Our goal via this talk is to make people understand that open source contribution have no explicit literal like hard-earned cash value. But, the implicit value, i.e. the opportunity to contribute to open source widely outweighs any literal cash value you might gain by giving your time over to a project. e.g. Guess how much money I got paid for contributing to Linux package? $0. Yep, it was $0.

Hope you enjoyed reading my experience! :slight_smile:

Mehul Patel


Great work and thank you for sharing this.

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Good job @rowdymehul !
Is an amazing story. This topic is really important for communities.

Thanks for sharing :wink:

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