TCP Discussion Forum Thoughts

(Asa Dotzler) #1

We’re spreading our communications across Yammer (only available to “vouched” Mozillians) and IRC but we probably want a place where we can all come together and ask questions and share knowledge.

Is this that place? Does it work for you? Would you prefer something else? How much and what kinds of things should we discuss here, or in the main Firefox OS development forums?

This is your program, so please speak up :smiley:

(Andrew [:feer56] ) #2

Sounds great!

(Andrew [:feer56] ) #3

That was actually a test post because of the “read only” issue. I have no opinion really.

(Andre Alves Garzia) #4

I am new here but I am linking this tool. Specially the use of markdown lol…

Should we send a link to the TCP mailing list inviting people here?

(raposo) #5

This is great, you are doing a great job! About the questions…

Is this that place? My first time here but it looks fine
**Does it work for you? ** Yes, of course.
**Would you prefer something else? ** I would prefer avoid have too many communication channels, it could be hard too follow.
How much and what kinds of things should we discuss here, or in
the main Firefox OS development forums?
I guess a lot of contributors will need help with Bugzilla, tasks, etc. and this place can be good for that.

IMHO, it can be something like:

  • Forum or mailing list for off-line communication.
  • Mailing List for announcements.
  • IRC and/or Vidyo for on-line communication.
  • Wiki: to have all the relevant information.
  • Trello: to organize the work, something like
  • And bugzilla, of course :slight_smile:

It’s just a proposal.

(Stephen J Murphy) #6

This works for me. Yammer and Discourse with IRC are easily accessible.

Looking forward to testing the tablet.

(Saicharanreddy P) #7

Hello all, my idea may sound crazy but why can’t we go with group video conference by giving slots to participants besides Yammer, even it is very good but some people like me feel better to talk then typing.

(Sridhar) #8

This seems Good.

(Alfredos (fredy) Damkalis) #9

+1 for discourse, which is also free software.

I see this place as an introduction channel for TCP. People will come here with mostly general questions (how can I contribute? How can I get a tablet? etc) and we will be able to direct them to the right channels.

(Alfredos (fredy) Damkalis) #10

It is a good idea but I am not sure that this will work in our case.

As I see it, we need a tool that will work for people that don’t have continuous and fast access to internet and also information will be accessible offline, like discourse emails which you can download and read them later.

Furthermore, I think we need a tool that will be accessible to many people at the same time and will be a place for many discussions at the same time.

Video conferences are great for meetings but for building something like a forum I think is not suitable.

(Luigi Tedone) #11

I’m new here but I like it!

(Cyke64) #12

I vote +1 for rapposo’s propositions.
I put the TCP discourse link to the IRC.
I hope that many TCP contributors come here and propose ideas.
It would be interesting to add this link to the TCP wiki.


(Josh Smith) #13

This is great!

(Steve Lee) #14

Having looked around this is scertaily a good forum and brings in modern social net features well. However I think we need (at least) 2 key features for a main async comms channel that I have not clarified yet.

  1. easily searchable archive
    basic search is here, but what about category only and do we need downloadable archives too?

  2. 1st classs email access for both low bandwidth (or high cost) intermitant connections and old folks like me who prefer to mostly live in their inbox. I mean it should be easy to post new disucssion topics by email as well as reply with timely notifications (unlike yammer which takes ages to email)

Off topic but @raposo mentioned Trello which is excellent for Kanban-style planning. I use it with workflowy which is the most lightweight imaginable task capture tool, but more suitable for personal use compared to bugzlilla for community interactions.

(Steve Lee) #15

nit: Here it’s ‘Contributor’ and on the wiki it’s ‘Contribution’. I actually prefer the former :smile:

(Saicharanreddy P) #16

Hi @fredy and thank you for taking time and replying me back. What about Google Doc’s, a tool that will work for people that works fine even the access to internet is low and they can even try Google Doc Offline version, with this we can just give the link and share the information which can even be downloadable.
What about Google Groups, a tool that will be accessible to many people at the same time and will be a place for many discussions at the same time. We can even choose to follow along via email, and quickly find unread posts.

And @fredy even I had the same question, how can I contribute? How can I get a tablet? :smiley: even I’m new here.

(raposo) #17

Instead of GDocs, another option could be use Etherpad, provided by Mozilla

@saicharanreddy, the first round is closed, but it will be a new round with 7’’ tablets . In the meantime, you could contribute using the simulator.

(Saicharanreddy P) #18

Hey I know you @raposo, you have helped me on IRC too today evening. Cheersbuddy and Thank You :smiley:

(Yousef Alam) #19

Typing the category name then your search terms will give you results only for that category.

The only bit missing here is starting a new thread via email. You can watch this category and interact with it just like a mailing list (except starting new threads)

Thanks for the feedback everybody, keep it coming!

(Steve Lee) #20

Great no confirmatipn required

However the email I original responded to appears to be a digest and I want
individual emails for clear threading.


Autocomplete may have messed with my text