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This is cool


What venues seem to be functional from Firefox OS now? We could potentially communicate and test simultaneously.

What venues best integrate newcomers into Mozillian society at large? For example, if TCPers already know how to use the venue(s) the Gecko and Desktop folks live in, it is less of a barrier to communicate when the need arises.


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rcs, on the Wiki TCP Landing page we already point people at the dev_b2g and dev_gaia mailing lists as well as providing more info for newbies. Do you think more is needed?


slee: The TCP landing page is great and it has gotten even better in recent weeks. I was responding to Asa’s query about our opinions. The provided tools are swell and the landing page covers the bases well in OS space. Would we have occasion to need to know about other lists, etc. other than the ones mentioned on the landing page to resolve an issue? To contrive an example, would one need to go to a Gecko list to talk about a rendering difference between Firefox OS and Desktop, or are there enough “embeds” in the OS spaces to cover any eventuality?

(Asa Dotzler) #25

Thanks for the feecback so far. I think we’re going to make this our primary project communication tool for now. Up until now, we’ve been using a Yammer instance that isn’t open to many of the TCP participants so this will be an improvement over that.

Over time, we’ll sort out what belongs where, but for now, I think a place we can have conversations that isn’t IRC and isn’t Yammer will do us some early good.

The TCP wiki page is updated. I’ll post to Yammer letting folks there know, and then close down the Yammer group except for those few of us still dealing with tablet shipping issues or other contributor personal information that we shouldn’t share publicly.

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Thanks for the update @asa :smile:

Indeed, we should focus on only one communication channel, so let this be the one for the TCP participants where all updates will be posted here. Also it should be clarified how the google groups lists are going to support the mozilla discourse page, perhaps as a Q&A that is available to the public?

One more thing, I think it would be nice to create some discourse forum sub-categories so that people can start posting to the corresponding places as soon as they get the tablets. I am particularly interested for a category that will deal with how to make it an easier process to update the device to the newest FF OS version. (firmware update)


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