TCP Subcategories

(Yousef Alam) #1

Continuing the discussion from TCP Discussion Forum Thoughts:

Does anybody have any thoughts on what useful subcategories we can have? I’d like to limit them but there will be some discussions that make sense having their own category.

(Steve Lee) #2

The main ones I can see are

  • Flashing from binaries (when/if available)
  • building and updating from source (everying, or just gaia)
  • identifying and debugging a problem
  • reporting bugs
  • providing patches / pull requests
  • specific functional areas - eg wifi, large resolution layout

(Andre Alves Garzia) #3

I think categories should be broad and encompass different subjects. My modest proposal is:

Maintenance: to cover flashing and any other maintenance task you need to do with your tablet to keep it going.

UX: things related to usability of the system in tablet form factor.

Development: covering app development and system development as subcategories.

Localization: to cover all topics related to l10n. Subcategories for each locale with native admins.

Resources: To collect useful resources for the TCP. Got a useful resource? Share here.

Stories: Lets collect the tablet stories from the first 500 tablets in their own place. This will be History some day.

Bug Farm: Bugs should be contained in their own category isolated from the others so that they don’t reproduce and spread :slight_smile:

(Yousef Alam) #4

I quite like these ones. However, anything related to bugs should be on bugzilla.

If there are no objections to this then I will add these categories.

(Steve Lee) #5

Yes I was thinking we need to be carefull not to discuss thing here that should be on bugs. Some comments on other categories seem to be close to that border.

Accessibility can come under UX

(Andre Alves Garzia) #6

Agreed that bugs need to go on bugzilla. My idea for that category is just to collect the bugzilla links and description so that people using this forum may discover bugs easier.

Its to talk about bugs not about reporting them. For example, I have some favorite bugs that annoy me so much that I am close to writing fan fiction about them… :smiley:

(Steve Lee) #7

We should move the old posts under these categories. I think only moderator can do this.

(Steve Lee) #8

How about a “Meta” sub category for discussion about the TCP topic?