Team Meet-up?


Do we still need one? Do we want to try to have working group meet-ups instead of a full team meet-up?

(Logan Rosen) #2

I think it would be nice to have one (or separate meetups for groups), but planning these things is a pain logistically and financially. We might have to deal with online meetings.

(Tom Farrow) #3

Let’s not worry about logistics, there’s ways to make that easier.

We’d just need a budget.

I think it’d be great to have a meetup to use as a sprint of some kind to just get stuff done. Since our structure is that everybody has some kind of stake in everything, I don’t think group meetup would work, we’d likely end up duplicating travel costs. For example, Logan works on Discourse and Wordpress. Kensie works on… everything. We could possibly split into breakouts at a meetup to work on things, but I wouldn’t want to do it per group.