Tech Speakers Phase 2 'Pilot' Opening Now

Today, June 23, we opened the application process for Phase 2 of the Mozilla Tech Speakers program.

We are calling this the summer ‘pilot’ because we are trying a new design for the program, that will allow more Mozillians to participate and work on developing skills and confidence as technical presenters and evangelists in your local developer communities. We hope to begin the Phase 2 pilot with 25-30 new participants.

We are also building a cohort of Tech Speakers who are helping each other with presentation materials, humor, and all kinds of Tech Speaking resources and tips.

Please read this: Tech Speakers Phase 2: MasterClasses & Labs

For this first instance of Phase 2, we need participants who are available to commit 2-3 hours a week from early July till early Sept. Hope to publish a more locked down calendar VERY SOON.

Also, because it is a ‘summer pilot,’ and we want to test some of our ideas about how to scale effectively, we are planning to move quickly and pack a lot into a short amount of time. If you are the kind of person who likes to experiment, debug, give feedback, try new things, step out of your comfort zone, and share your technical knowledge with others, please APPLY!

Apply now!

Application shortlink:

Here is the info that I shared and the questions I answered today at the Mozilla Reps call (Line 99)

If you have new questions, you can add them here.

FAQ in progress: Questions & Answers

1. Will the phase 2 be open for people that have already finished phase 1?

There’s the opportunity to participate as a Labs facilitator working with the new Tech Speakers.

2. A tentative schedule would be nice, if possible:
Yes, it would! :slight_smile: Coming quickly… Application opens today, closes July 4, midnight PDT, first masterclass is July 18. You will hear from us “yes” or “no” by July 11, at the very latest. The sooner you apply, the sooner you will hear from us.

There will be 3 masterclasses, mostly on alternating weeks, they will be scheduled & recorded in PDT. We are locking down the schedule now.

Summer Pilot will end week of Sept 5. Labs sessions will be scheduled in alternative weeks, scheduling and invites will be responsibility of the Labs facilitators. In some cases we will use alternatives to Vidyo, like Hangouts, or maybe even physical spaces.

3. Will TechSpeakers be focused on technical topic presentations?

Yes, primarily. This is a Developer Relations team initiative to extend our influence and our message to technical communities worldwide. But if you are already talking to web designers and other web builders or technical advocates, you are also eligible to apply. If the audience you work with now is children, web beginners, consumers who are not technical, this is probably not the program for you.

4. Could the program material be available to others Mozillians, who will not be in program?

Yes, all the Masterclasses will be available publicly over Airmo, probably a week or two after they are first broadcast for the Pilot participants. The methodology for doing Speaking practice with constructive feedback as a small group either in person or online is available for anyone to use and organize in your school, community, hackerspace, or office.

There’s some info here: and on the Tech Speakers wiki.

5. Any similarities to larger community speaking projects, like Toastmasters?

Well, yes and no. Our focus is on speaking, teaching, facilitating for developer, designer, and web builder audiences. Toastmasters is a great resource for anyone who wants to do more public speaking - we are more focused on getting a message out that solves a problem for a technical person, and encourages them to work with Firefox, Mozilla, & the Open Web.

In Toastmasters, there is more emphasis on the craft of public speaking (reducing “ums” in your presentation, for example)

6. Only Mozilla technologies, right?

Think of it as Firefox, Mozilla, & the Open Web, with a technical focus. So, for instance speaking about what’s new in JavaScript, CSS, Rust or web security are all great topics, not exclusively Mozilla. Also, “How to get started in Open Source by logging bugs to bugzilla” might be a powerful topic to present in your community. There is no “one size fits all”

6. is a very interesting platform (not a question, just a shout-out!)

Yes, I agree 100%! We are happy to support people who are designing meetups on technical topics of interest to Mozilla, Firefox and the Web, or just want to organize a meetup about Tech Speaking. If it makes sense to use in your community, we would be very interested in hearing more about it. (ex:


Application form will close at midnight PDT (GMT-7) on July 5. This will ‘pilot’ will happen quickly and intensively over the summer. This is for contributors who are working with developers and technical audiences in their communities and want to be more active in presenting and facilitating as Tech Evangelists. There will be a “Recommendation letter” requirement. Please help your friends and community by completing recommendation letters quickly if asked and if you honestly think the person will benefit themselves and others.


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Hey Folks - Thanks very much for your interest in Tech Speakers Phase 2 Pilot. and thanks to everyone who filled out an application.

REMINDER: Many of you have submitted incomplete applications. Please be prepared to answer all the required questions that include the red * – also be sure to include the recommendation letter when you submit your application.

Unfortunately, this application form doesn’t let you save your work and come back later. Please be ready with all your responses when you Submit your entry. If you have submitted an incomplete application, please re-submit! Apologies for any confusion or inconvenience.

Thank you again for interest in being part of the Tech Speakers Phase 2 summer pilot!

NOTE: Here is a copy of the application form for you to use to prepare before you submit via the live wufoo form:

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Is there a place where the application questions and more details about the recommendation letter format/content are listed, so we can prepare these before beginning to fill in the application form?

I couldn’t find this info on the application form start page, the TechSpeakers wiki, or this Discourse channel, but perhaps I overlooked something…

Thanks, looking forward to applying!

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Hello Anjana, Thanks for asking! Trying to make that happen thru magic wiki magic that I haven’t figured out yet. (If there’s a wiki wizard here who can make this happen, please ping me directly. I will share a link when I have one (likely tomorrow) .

For the recommendation letter, please use the info in the link below:

Ask the Mozillian who will write your letter to say why you should be a Tech Speaker, and how that could also benefit the community / the web. It can be a mentor or mentee, or colleague, or someone you’ve worked with.

More info coming asap.


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Thanks very much, Havi! This is really helpful. I’ll stay tuned for more
info about the application questions.

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Copy of Application


Great, thanks a lot!

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Reminder for everyone: The application for the Phase 2 pilot is now open here: Apply here!

Before you begin the application process, please read the program description on the Tech Speakers wiki. Don’t forget to review the application and prepare your answers before you submit. Also, be sure to have a recommendation letter from a colleague or fellow Mozillian that you can attach.

Thanks for your interest in joining the Mozilla Tech Speakers summer pilot and for your contributions to Mozilla and the Web.

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Hi Havi,

At the announcemen says that Application form will close at midnight PDT (GMT-7) on July 5, and PDT time now, 21:06:50, Monday, 4 July 2016. Why i can’t submit. When i open the link of application, i will receive message “Sorry, but this form is no longer accepting submissions”. Can you tell me why?

Thank you.

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Hello Ahmad, I have reset the time setting on the form and you should now be able to submit until after midnight PDT - my apologies for this inconvenience, and thanks for letting me know. The setting on the form did not match the timestamp on my computer, but I have adjusted that and added back the minutes lost while the form was improperly closed. Best, Havi

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