Telegram and IRC Channels for Foxfooding

(Errietta Kostala) #21

username is @errietta please add me

(Jonathan Kingston) #22

This URL seems to be expired on other devices too. Can someone invite me too? I’m @kingstonTime. Thanks

(Andrew [:feer56] ) #23


(Diky Arga) #24

@dikyarga ( :

(Kristinaverbo) #25

Here’s my Telegram username @tinaverbo :smile:

(GDHFang) #26

Hi, This is Joanna. Please add me to Telegram
My username is @GDHFang Thank you!! :slight_smile:

(Lucas) #27

Hi there :smile:
I’ll be glad to join in the conversation on Telegram.
My username is @LukChouka ! Cheers !

(shine) #28

can someone here add @shine to the group as well?

Thanks in advance. :smile:

(Robert Sajdok) #29

please add me too :slight_smile: @rsajdok

(Andre Natal) #30


(Genma) #31

Please add me too @leblogdegenma


Why Telegram? Isn’t it possible to use something more open, like xmpp/jabber?

(shine) #33

We do have the #foxfooding IRC channel as well. You can join there.

(Guilherme Berghauser - Torto) #34


(Aaron Raimist) #35


(Justin Potts) #36

If one of you would invite me, that would be much appreciated!

Username: @justinpotts

(Artem Polivanchuk) #37

Hello to All!
Please send me an invitation link to @a_poli, 'couse I can’t join the group also.
Thanks :slight_smile:

(Mariot Tsitoara) #38

Can you add @mariot_tsitoara also?

(Akshay) #39

Telegram tells me that only a mutual contact can add you to the group. (I have added others, including @mariot_tsitoara just now by username)

(Givemore Douglas Mvumba) #40

Good day, please add me @dougmore