Test Pilot Blog

Looks like we’re getting an official Test Pilot blog soon. Would love feedback on what everyone wants to hear about. Here are my thoughts:

  • Major updates to Test Pilot and experiments
  • New experiment announcements
  • Graduating experiment announcement
  • Experiments shipping in Firefox
  • Major engineering changes, updates
  • Opportunities for community participation
  • Design and research processes

Anything I’m missing here?


I’d like to see regular analysis of experiments and what we’re changing based on that analysis. Like, every two weeks we deep dive into results of the last sprint and talk about what we’re changing/adding because of those results, then a summary of what we’re launching that day (based on the 2 weeks before). Even if we just did this once a month, that would be big.

If sprints have to be shorter to support this rapid feedback, I’m happy to entertain that. :slight_smile:

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