Test Pilot dev meeting notes (6/19)

(Jared Hirsch) #1

Hi all,

We held another Test Pilot dev meeting this past Monday, with folks from Test Pilot and experiment teams in attendance.

The dev meeting happens every other Monday, and it’s open to the public; please join us for the next one (July 3rd). See the wiki for details: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Test_Pilot/Meeting


  • New Screenshots landed in Nightly last night (bug fixes)
    • Coming soonish to Beta
  • Tab Center only works up to Firefox 55
  • Graduating July 5th: Page Shot, Activity Stream
  • Graduating “soon” after July 5th: Pulse, Tab Center
  • Keep your eyes open for three new experiments coming mid-July!

You can read the complete meeting notes on the wiki.