Test Pilot OKR planning this week (you have an action item!)

(Clouserw) #1

Hi everyone,

We’re going to be doing OKR planning this Thursday at 1230[1]. One of the
main points of OKRs is that ideas come from all over the team (not only
top-down). So, I’d like you all to think about what objectives and key
results we should be working on and be ready to write them on sticky notes
when our session starts and we can talk about them.

Objectives - “What we want to get done” – They are qualitative, time
bound, actionable, and ambitious

Key Results - “How we know we’re successful” – They are quantitative
measure of the desired impact and directly support an objective

If you want to read more about OKRs read
(accessible to the mozilla org)

This is your chance to give direct feedback about the direction of Test
Pilot. What do you want to work on in 2017? Let’s do it!



[1] There is a chance this time changes. If it does, it will be later in
the day.

[2] Forgive me using the defunct mailing list. This is my first time using
the discourse mailing list, so I’m nervous and CCing the old list too. <3

(Clouserw) #2

If you’re not able to go to the planning, post something here with your ideas and I’ll make sure you’re represented. Thanks!