Test Pilot Program Update: week ending 2018-09-28

TL;DR: GREEN. Only issue is the delay of getting Side View into Shield.

Test Pilot

  • Q4 OKRs are being iterated through; meeting next week to finalize.

  • GitHub tells me that from 2018-09-21 through 2018-09-28

  • Excluding merges, 7 authors have pushed 9 commits to master and 13 commits to all branches. On master, 12 files have changed and there have been 358 additions and 437 deletions (work is slowing down on the platform, as planned).

  • Of those authors, 5 were external contributors.

Cloud Storage Shield Study

  • Determining next steps for this project, including what team should own this feature.

  • Final report published internally, blog post in progress.


  • Dashboard for up-to-date metrics.

  • Updates: static theme improvements, theme image previews, randomizer button, popup colors fix merged, and more!

  • New release to dev, target to push to prod soon after.

Email Tabs

  • Proposed launch date is early November, working with Marketing to narrow down a date.

  • GA property set and merged.

  • Metrics work started in a branch.

  • 12 items remaining in MVP launch milestone.

  • Will hand over to QA next week for testing.

Laserlike, aka Advance

  • Launched 2018-08-07.


  • Product-based discussions for transfer of Notes out of Test Pilot to Alex Davis’ team.

  • Planning next steps.

  • Android 5 support; done this week, testing next week.

  • New tests landed for the web extension.

  • Next release will be in November.

Price Alerts

  • Team velocity will be determined by October 10.

  • Naming and legal kickoff meetings scheduled.

  • Worked through PBM decision.

  • New icons created and added to doorhanger.

  • Preliminary launch date planned in early November. Working with Marketing to finalize.


  • In progress:

  • FxA mobile integration slipping one week, until beginning of Q4.

  • Decision to have Ops host beta release.

  • Will have discrete GA for beta site; requested.

  • Beta site launch, planned for Tuesday, 2018-10-02, possible slip to Thursday.

  • Release delayed until 64 goes live due to streams API dependencies.

  • This will enable us to pick up some of the new Firefox branding.

Side View

  • Working to get Side View into Shield; PHD written.

  • Shield PHD reviewed 2018-08-08.

  • Engineering work in progress for Shield study.

  • Design in progress for Shield study.

  • Goal: Q4 in Shield.

  • Tentative schedule.

  • Side View added to AMO.