Test Pilot Status: May 25, 2018

Please find below a status update of Test Pilot and our related projects for the week ending 5/25/2018:

Test Pilot

  • Deployment issue led to some users (several hundred) getting the staging version of the add-on; resolving before our next release.

Cloud Storage

  • Shield Study: launch target 5/14 21 29 now 6/4

  • Shield-Utils v5 is in review, which delays our study:

  • Even though we’re delayed, we’re still on track.

  • Final QA will happen once Shield-Utils are complete.


  • Launch target June 5, 7am PST

  • Release candidate on May 29. Final QA after.

  • Working with Marketing weekly on GTM plan.

Min Vid

  • There will be no Shield study; it’s too risky, performance-wise.

  • Future plans: John Gruen will develop a proposal for implementing a PIP player in browser.


  • Experiment Definition document complete: John will meet w/ADavis regarding plan for Notes, hopefully next week.

  • Risk: Dev contractor’s last week is this week.

  • Hoping to get a build into the Google Play store next week; this is a preliminary build only.

  • Dot release for web extension likely next week; 2-3 bug fixes. Dependent on SV smoke test. Target: publish release before All Hands.

  • Release will likely be pushed out to July 10, so it doesn’t conflict with the release of Firefox 61.


  • @fzzzy has working proof of concept PR for Android app.

  • Next: getting WebView to load local HTML files

  • Next: Figure out build process so everything is in the app.

  • iOS prototype is working with react-native and normal WebView. It allows choosing a file from iCloud Drive; putting on back-burner as iOS isn’t a priority.

  • Danny is working on FxA work.

  • User flows are complete.

  • UX spec measurements have been shared.

  • We are dependent on Streams team for some of our work; that work will land in Fx 63. We will do our work ahead of schedule, then toggle on when Streams work is complete.

  • Emily, the engineering intern started 5/21 and is ramping up.

Side View

  • Launch target June 5, 7am PST.

  • Release candidate on May 29. Final QA after.

  • Defining success criteria for project.