Test Pilot Update: June 1, 2018

TL;DR: The Side View and Firefox Color experiments will launch Tuesday, June 5, at 7am Pacific.

Below please find a status update of the Test Pilot program and our related projects:

Test Pilot

  • Redirect patch and update went out this week.

  • Published blog post welcoming Punam to the Test Pilot team.

  • Published blog post welcoming Shruti to the Test Pilot team.

  • Triaged backlog of experiment ideas; we have ~50 potential ideas.

Cloud Storage

  • Shield Study: launch target May 14 21 29 6/4, fingers crossed:

  • Shield-Utils v5: one remaining issue holding up our launch.

  • Passed science review 5/31. Passed data review 6/1.


  • Launch target June 5, 7am PST

  • Release candidate on May 29. QA: we have a YELLOW: ship it conditionally due to:

  • Several outstanding bugs. However, some of these are currently being worked on.

  • Deployed to production 5/31, final QA will happen 6/4.

  • Marketing is putting together video, blog, and email for launch.

Min Vid

  • Future plans: John Gruen will develop a proposal for implementing a PIP player in browser. No rush here; there are other more pressing priorities.


  • QA found several regressions. Target: publish release before All Hands.

  • Will be adding content for Onboarding.

  • Marketing may be able to create final assets for Google Play store, TBD.

  • Good of discussion with Julien about getting the app ready for the Google Play store.

  • Hoping to get a build into the Google Play store soon; this is a preliminary build only.

  • Release will be pushed out to July 10, so it doesn’t conflict with the release of Firefox 61.


  • iOS prototype is working with react-native and normal WebView. It allows choosing a file from iCloud Drive; putting on back-burner as iOS isn’t a priority. Might get help from Stefan’s team.

  • Looks like we might have a new regression on Nightly; Send hangs with larger files.

  • Sevaan working on animations.

  • Emily has streams working (encoding of messages), next is uploading/downloading.

  • Danny is working on FxA tickets.

Side View

  • Launch target June 5, 7am PST

  • Did a release on 5/30/18 with dark theme fix, tooltip for remove button, and correct link to tutorial

  • QA: we have a YELLOW: ship it conditionally due to:

  • A few outstanding issues, one of which is more of a concern than the others b/c it’s easy for users to discover. This should be fixed before launch.

  • Deployed to Production 5/31; QA will do one final review on 6/4/18.

  • Marketing is putting together video, blog, and email for launch.


  • Working to Legal to ensure all bases are covered. This is holding up our data review.

  • Working with Ops and our AWS contact to ensure flagged matches are stored separately from our standard S3 bucket. Risk: AWS may say no to storing flagged images with them; Wil is working with them.

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