Text writing

(Mcgajverster) #1

The text does not work when I change a page in a (flash game )just after I click on the edge of the page. (works in another browser) The mouse cursor flashes but can not be written.

(Nicolas Chevobbe) #2

Could you tell us where do you click in devtools? Which panel?
Also, could you give the URL to the game you’re talking about so we can verify there’s a bug?

(Mcgajverster) #3

It’s hard to explain - I made a very short clip: mouse problem

(Harald Kirschner) #4

@mcgajverster it looks and sounds like you are describing a browser issue (focus between content and flash), not something devtools related. Could you please file an issue in Bugzilla for follow up: http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/