The Hypocrisy of Blogging

(Shri Subramanyam) #1


Everything I’m about to say is my own personal opinion. It’s how I see things and experienced it. It might be different for you. There’s no empirical evidence. So here’s the thing about bloggingFolks here,

Just don’t get me wrong but I’m quite intent on knowing the need to create a blog for every person. Yeah, I accept Web is free… but what’s the point in writing your own blog when hardly anyone visits it ? I don’t think equanimity should be followed here. You hardly get noticed for the work you do…You spend ages trying to sort out stuff and make a meaningful post only to find single digit blog visits staring at you at the end of the day (even the month…!!). You remove procrastination out of your system and start thinking only to find you are averse to it.

I have always avoided thinking and talking about this, because, the results of my previous thoughts in this ambit, invariably, has ended in an impasse and has given an impression that blogging is a wild goose chase. I’m not against this system of blogging, it’s that I too have been a casualty in this system.

It’s not that more bloggers are required, but organisation of content and getting noticed for your real stuff is important. This might not be the right time to rise up this topic, but things change only when people demand for it and I hope the time has come when action is needed, not for the reason of activity, rather, productivity.

I think better regulation and organisation of blog posts will redeem the results it is expected to. And of course, my outburst isn’t on Mozilla and stuff, but on a greater expanse. It’s about getting recognized for your original work and I personally think a single blog (with sort and filter) can serve a larger purpose than infinitely many blogs droning on the same stuff. It’s not that I require pacification or acceptance, rather to make sure causalities of real talents are reduced in this hypocritical system. And again, it’s not about answering, it’s about confronting the (harsh) reality.

(Rabimba) #2

Don’t we have separate(and numerous) community websites/webpages country specific web sites and blogs as well?

Anybody who feels instead of creating their own blog they should submit their post to a curated page can go to these community maintained channels. Of their own community of course.

It’s all about choice, and in this case I think they have one.