The question of the functional future TB

I like Bird, but there are functions that are not enough. The functionality of applications is changing rapidly and it’s sad to see that TB is not developing as actively as I’d like many users would like. I will describe those functions that I would like to see in TB using an example of another application (which, despite many advantages, I still like less TB :zap::bird:).

  1. Built-in message translate (web mail versions or em client has it)
  2. Built-in Unsubscribe button
  3. Contact information panel (as CRM, history of correspondence with attached files as in em client)
  4. Built-in Conversation View

Of course, all this is nice to have “out of the box”, that is already built into TB.
I ask developers to answer: Are there any plans to add anything from the described possibilities? And if not, then firstly, it’s a great pity, and secondly, I ask in that case to advise me of the additions that will fill these functions and are supported by the 60th version.

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