There's no win version for mulet 49

I’ve been trying to launch Mulet on with latest gaia compilation and seems not to be working with the 48 version of mulet, i’ve seen that there are only packages for mac

FYI, this is the ressource is refering to:

No Windows 49 version and 48 doesn’t seems to work (couldn’t test it on my side).

And from the mulet wiki the linux one is pointing to an “opt” which i don’t understand what is it… (dockers ??)



Is there any news on Windows binaries? What about version 47?

Nobody has been hacking this so far. I already have enough on my plate and
clearly no time for playing with Windows :-/

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Using a Virtual Machine might be the easiest/more comfortable solution to hack from Windows.

@gaby2300, maybe you can help us here? or just give any hint? :slight_smile:

@Luca, I am the one having the issue and unfortunately I don’t know the

Many thanks!
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