Thunderbird 81 PGP feedback


I was just giving thunderbird 81 beta a try to see how the built-in PGP support works, and have some (hopefully useful) feedback.

First, it would be nice if the “Import public keys…” file requester would be a multi-file selector instead of single file. I have a whole bunch of .asc files with keys and it is a laborious process to import them individually. I did try concatenating them all into one big .asc file, but the key manager just imported the first one and stopped.

Also, I don’t know if I haven’t looked hard enough, but I can’t seem to find any options to add local key servers to the key manager.

Finally, GMail corporate users can enable S/MIME encryption for internal mail, but if someone is using Enigmail to encrypt the message before sending through GMail, GMail’s additional processing when S/MIME is enabled changes the message in such a way that it causes Thunderbird 81 to crash and bomb out. Note that Enigmail also couldn’t decrypt mails that have been through the Enigmail -> GMail S/MIME scheme, but Outlook with Symantec PGP Desktop can read them fine.

But otherwise, having built in PGP is really nice and looks good so far.


Your feedback is more likely to be noticed if you post it here:

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Hello Pete, thanks for your feedback.

For the multi-import suggestion, I agree it would be helpful, I’ve filed an enhancement request here:

We currently don’t have UI to support the definition of alternative keyservers. At this time we only support WKD and verifying keyservers (vks). Using hkp keyservers is currently unsupported, because of the various problems that are known with them, and we currently haven’t implemented UI that would allow you to select a desired key from the multiple results.

Regarding emails manipulated by the GMail gateway, I’d appreciate if you could report a bug at and send example emails to me. (If you don’t want to file a bug, I could do it, let me know here.) This unrelated bug here contains information how to send a test email: