To all CD Volunteers coming to London

(Michael Henretty) #1


We are less than 1 week away from our London meet-up!!! :tada::tada:

Below I have assembled our finalized schedule. They are linked to the Sched listings, so be sure to go to each one and sign up for the them if you have not already. The first list contains all the sessions and workshops that are mandatory for volunteers. These sessions will immerse you in the Connected Devices world of Mozilla, as well as help you learn about and participate in Mozilla’s innovation process for Connected Devices.

You’ll notice that we are getting started fairly early every day (9:30 on Tues, 9:00 on Wed and Thur, and 10:00 on Friday). Please don’t be late as we need each of your skills and creativity to make this a success. You might also notice that all of Tuesday will be taken up by required content. This is a good thing, as it will help you ramp up for the rest of the week.

On Wed and Thur, we will be occupied in the morning until lunch with Innovation Skill Building courses. After lunch on these days you are free to choose electives from Sched that you find interesting. I have listed a couple of interesting electives in the second list below if you are looking for a good place to start.

And then of course we have the Hackathon and Connected Devices Wrap-up sessions on Friday. These will both take place in the Connected Devices homeroom (Great Western II, Paddington Hotel). I encourage you all to use the opportunity to explore what some of the other teams are working on, and talk to as many people as you can. And remember to have fun!

Last but not least, we have evening plans for Thur (Dinner Cruise), and Friday (Steampunk Party)!!

See you sooooooooon!
Michael Henretty & Brian King

Required Sessions

Interesting Electives

Fun Stuff

  • Thur Night, Connected Cruise
  • Friday Night, Steampunk Dinner Party!!