Trash or second life for Flatfish

Are there any plans to reuse the Flatfish tablets?
Some ideas:

  • flash with Android
  • flash with different Firefox OS with Firefox-browser only
  • use it as a toaster
  • trashcan
    More ideas are welcome…

When I was looking for options, there were no newer Firefox OS builds nor any Android builds.

What the heck is “body is too similar to what you recently posted”? I mean, I’d be ok with that if my post had actually made it onto discourse… bah.

Anyway, I have thought of flashing Ubuntu Touch onto it but haven’t really looked into it.

Failing that, donating it to a museum?

If you’re able to, try to see if you can flash AOSP on to it and help test Firefox for Android.

If you’ll be donating it, flash the latest version of Firefox OS onto even though it’s not designed for tablets.

Though I don’t recommending it goes into the trash, please recycle if you must :slight_smile:

I’ll touch base with the rest of the TCP coordinators and figure out a solution shortly.


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There’s a couple of people over on the MOD forum who have made attempts but they seem to have failed so far.

  • use it as a toaster
  • trashcan

Please don’t do that :disappointed:

I never expected this day to come but I think its time :clock1: we** seriously** talk about getting android working on Flatfish. Having android will also help :+1: mozilla as we can test fennec and other components. Lets continue the discussion in the android thread. :bookmark:

borisbbb (:sweat_smile:) here. Yeah, didn’t manage, though aosp booted to ui( and crashed every single second)

I like toasters.
^just kidding