Turning Link into a shippable product

(Fabrice) #1

Hi all,

Now that we have a clearer view in terms of partnership, I started to write down a list of items that need to be implemented to reach a shippable state.

Phase 1 is everything we absolutely need. And yes, it’s quite a long list :wink: Phase 2 will come later, but is useful as a backlog of lower priority items.

The document is at https://public.etherpad-mozilla.org/p/link-product . Feel free to add to it and to discuss here!

(David Teller) #2

A few questions:

  • What’s rewrite simpler taxonomy?
  • What’s the use of the Taxonomy in this product?
  • Similarly, what’s the use of OpenZWave and Philips Hue in this product?
  • When you write db versioning, is that versioning of the schema or the contents?
(Julien Wajsberg) #3

pretty sure that’s what you’re currently doing :smiley:

(Fabrice) #4

As @julienw said, that’s your current rewrite. Feel free to reword and add details.

We agreed with the Protonet team to provide them the software for Zoe, so we need all that.

I was mostly thinking about schema versioning, to have clean upgrade paths like what we do in indexedDB.