TUTORIAL : How I trained a specific french model to control my robot

(Gr8nishan) #45

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful article … but can you please share a snapshot of your csv as i am confused that do we need to give the full path of the wav files or only their name

(Vincent Foucault) #46

Thanks for compliments.

here is a sample of a typical deepspeech csv file :

/home/nvidia/DeepSpeech/data/alfred/dev/record.1.wav,87404,qui es-tu et qui est-il
/home/nvidia/DeepSpeech/data/alfred/dev/record.2.wav,101804,quel est ton nom ou comment tu t'appelles
/home/nvidia/DeepSpeech/data/alfred/dev/record.3.wav,65324,est-ce que tu vas bien 

You must respect the first line (needed to create columns for CSV usage)
And each next line inform 3 values, separated by a comma :

  • where is the wav file, (I use complete link, perhaps relative path could work ?!)
  • what is it size, (you can have size with this : os.path.getsize(“the wav file”))
  • what is the transcript (in the wav language)

Take a look at …DeepSpeech/bin/import_ldc93s1.py, L23 for CSV creation !!

About transcript, pay attention to only enter characters present in alphabet.txt, otherwise you’ll encounter errors when training.

Hope it will help you.