Twilio Addon for SMS Notification- Does it work?

I’m trying to create SMS notification. The Twilio addon is my first attempt. I’ve setup a Twilio account and I’m able to get a text to send by entering values into the thing’s SMS notification values in the main things page. I cannot write a rule though. The action field for the Twilio thing in rules will not enumerate into the documented options.

Anybody have success with Twilio for SMS? Any other approaches for SMS to recommend?


If you’re on gateway version 0.9+, you can use the “Twilio Notification” block for your rule output. There is a full walkthrough in the README.

Thanks mrstegeman… I’m a newbie and it’s good to know it should work.

I believe I’ve followed the README. The problem I’m experiencing is in the rules creation. When selecting the “configure” option of the “twilio notification” action the three options 1) title, 2) message and 3) level are not exposed. “Configure” is unselectable. I’ve removed the addon several times and reloaded only to get the same results.

Again, the good news is an SMS message can be pushed thru the main things page by selecting “send text”, populating the fields and submitting. I could reload my latest system image and start from scratch with this addon on the assumption it’s somehow been corrupted at install. That’s likely my next step without a better idea.

I’ve done further investigation by repeatedly loading an old Rpi image. I even removed every thing, rule and addon to present a clean slate. Again when trying to create a rule the “configure” is unselectable.

I have the Twilio addon v0.1.0 and gateway v0.9.2. The addon seems broken but am I missing something? Is this working for others?

Sounds like maybe a UI bug. What browser are you using? Are there any errors in your browser console?

It works! Thank you mrstegeman.

The problem was on me (user error). When creating the action side of the rule I was pulling in the Twilio Thing rather than the Twilio Notification (bell icon) into the pane.

I had another stumble in the setup. The Twilio configure screen is not what the readme shows. For it to work the “from” number must be the Twilio number texts will come from. The “To” number (not shown in the readme example) is where I want text sent to (my phone).

Still trying to figure out how to send to multiple phone numbers. I’m researching if that functionality may be manipulated from the Twilio dashboard.

I would look at the twilio alternative textita, the pricing is much better.