Unable to access.

Dear sir/madam,
An inconvenience occuring about the mozila firebox.it is not able to acess.

Can you tell us more about the problem? What is firebox.it? What email address are you using to attempt to access it? What error message are you getting?

sorry, I’m using Firefox and trying to print via Firefox and all I get as I try to print is paper won’t feed, clean rollers push some damn button, but with trying to fulfill there corrective requests, the dam thing still not print the Model Numberis MFC-J491 DW
can you offer any suggestions, Please

reload paper, clean roller, any thing you can imagine, I have tried to correct all that has been asked and the damn thing still won’t print!

You may be in the wrong place. Sounds like you have a problem with your printer. This is a forum for the Mozilla identity and access management system which isn’t related to printers.

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