Unable to delete a screenshot on firefox screenshots site

(Shidaobade) #1

Hi there
While I try to delete a screenshot by clicking on the trashcan icon the page responds with a “Error while suppressing screenshot” msg. Same if I try to modify the retention time gives me a “Error while recording expiration time” msg.
Any thought ?


same problem.
Firefox 57 not fixed.

(Clouserw) #3

There is a bug in screenshots that prohibits deleting your own shots if you do not allow 3rd party cookies or block Firefox from storing your history. Try going to about:preferences in your URL bar and temporarily resetting these preferences to allow 3rd party cookies and allow firefox to remember history. You should be able to delete your shot if you do this. In Firefox 58+ we’re respecting these preferences and Screenshots will be download-only if you have these preferences enabled.