Unable to leave/end account creation dialog

  1. use an existing TB 68, add an email account. If not all is entered correctly, it is impossible to leave the dialog by saving entered info or go to advanced settings.

There should be a possibility to save ‘half finished’ setups to be able to look up settings and continue later.

This is necessary if incoming server and outgoing server are different. (e.g. for private imap servers, which cannot send email on dynamic ip - it will go to spam lists if tried).

Also, we are able to choose which outgoing server to use for an email, so it should be possible to enter correct incoming data and no or incorrect smtp data.

I think all that was possible in TB 60.

addendum: if port of outgoing is set from automatic to 25, the OK (weiter - whatever it is called in English) button is suddenly enabled.
That is totally unintuitive. How could one know?

  1. TB immediately starts to try to connect. As seen by warning messages of Kaspersky. I did not press any test button. That is disclosing private information to servers (e.g. email logins, passwords) before I agree to it.

It would be preferable to have a test button so that te user can decide when things are complete and should be send.

the advanced settings button was greyed out and non responsive