Update 0.3 > 0.6 failed

(Fjoerfoks) #1

I updated my current install to 0.6, but somehow it doesn’t seem to work anymore. I get the main page, but subpages seem to fail. Anyone know how to fix beside a fresh install?

(Michael Stegeman) #2

Are there any errors in the browser console or in the log that you can see?

(Fjoerfoks) #3

This is what I see in the console in the browser:
TypeError: NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource.
and further:
Error getting floorplan experiment setting TypeError: NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource. settings.js:392:7

showExperimentCheckbox/< (Asyng: promise callback) showExperimentCheckbox showExperimentSettings showSection show showSettings [1]</</Route.prototype.middleware/< nextEnter [1]</</Route.prototype.middleware/< nextEnter [1]</</Route.prototype.middleware/< nextEnter [1]</</Route.prototype.middleware/< nextEnter [1]</</Route.prototype.middleware/< nextEnter nextExit [1]</</page.dispatch [1]</</page.show onclick

where can I find logfiles?

(Michael Stegeman) #4

In the UI, navigate to Settings->Developer->View Logs.

(Fjoerfoks) #5

Somethings probably really messed up, because I don’t have Developer.
I didn’t have anything configured, so I will just write a new image to the disk.
No worries, just wanted to let the developers know not all updates seem to work flawless ;).
Maybe I try again with the 0.3 version and see if the update runs properly afterwards.

(Fjoerfoks) #6

Well after some hassle I decided to write 0.6 to SD, somehow couldn’t get the old one to work.
Successfully reinstalled and configured by using my mobile phone. Using the laptop didn’t work either on gateway.local or IP-address, it seems as the old cache is pretty persistent within Nightly.
I was able to reclaim the domain and get 0.6 up and running from my phone and now finally from the laptop also works after logging in back again.
Now it’s time to decide which IoT-thing to connect.