[Update] Call for help supporting devices - building and maintaining ports

I don’t own one. It all depends on the status of AOSP support on Sony’s side.

So let’s try to restart from scratch - sorry my point was unclear, this poll is quite useless:

As @lissyx explained, if we combine the Xperia devices, some nexus, fairphone 2, and the 2 dev’ phones, we already have quite a long list of phone where we should be able to run B2GOS.
So let’s get rid of that poll (I will remove it).
The priority seems to be more on the building side, and some debugging/hacking to get the build working.

So the question now is: who can help building for those devices, and maintaining those builds ?

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I cannot see it on http://developer.sonymobile.com/knowledge-base/open-source/open-devices/list-of-devices-and-resources/. But I know Z3 Dual should work (support is in kernel and should be in the blobs too), so I cannot speak 100% for the M2 Dual.

I volunteer for flamingo (Xperia E3), I have no coding experience but hopefully I may be able to build and test. (Even though flamingo is not so popular apparently…)

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As I almost rebooted the topic, I will had mine here:

I volunteer for amami (Z1C), mainly for building and testing. I can also host some build, and make setup a build bot. I can’t guaranty I can help for bug fixing, but I will try (and learn).
Note: It remains my main phone, so I will do it that often.

Maybe I can edit the first post and make a list ?

Thanks @lapineige and @enrico_ghiorzi. I would suggest you start each one a topic in the Porting section for your devices, keeping the first post uptodate with latest builds etc. (as on any forum) :).

Once you can provide builds, we will need some people to start contributing to the addon to add support for the Sony AOSP devices in it :slight_smile:


Hi @lissyx,
I love this idea and I would like to contribute to add support. I am an active Mozillian and FSA since 2015 and contributed to SUMO, AoA & Mozilla Science Lab.
Please have a look into my Mozillian

Amit Kumar Jaiswal

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Good idea. We can gather ideas and help proposals here, and start a specific topic for each devices.

Placing everything in the add-on is also a great idea.

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For the addon we really need that some people start hacking on it, I cannot spend too much time right now and there is a lot to improve. For example, being able to get blobs from another source than the device itself would be a huge step forward :slight_smile:

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That would mean searching on Sony website for instance ?
That’s even easier for me than extracting them from the devices, a field where I’m not really skilled.

Hey, I didn’t think about it ! Hopefully you came back with this request, thx.
So I didn’t check the code at all, but I will try to help.
But first I need to start building for my Z1C, after than I will try to use the add-on and to adapt it for the blob research.

Not only from Sony website, but also from Google website for Nexus devices, and maybe a local zip file for other needs. But all of this requires some work because for example we have to expose the license of those blobs to the user so he can accept it.

I’ve got the idea.

A good point too, I’ll keep it in mind.

Yeah that’s right. So we need an UI exposing this to the user (displaying the license), or could we just add a link to the license, and ask for an agreement ?

I’m not the best one when it comes to UX decisions :). And I guess we will have to deal with how blobs downloading works for each provider. You can also count in Fairphone 2.

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I think that we can link this to documentation efforts, it would be great to add a documentation page for each device, displaying the port status, what’s working or not, where to find build (+ link to B2G installer doc page).
That’s the user point of view.
For a contributor point of view, we might add a link to how to build doc page, and maybe special instructions (like a patch to apply)
And maybe the list of people to contact in case of trouble (like a link to forum topic).

What’s your feeling ?

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Well, it has to be adapted for each phone supported that needs blobs.
(That’s a thing to include is the maintenance part)

That was more in a legal point of view. Do the license has to be clearly displayed ? (I don’t think so if there is a link - but well I’m not sure)
If not, well I think I will start with just a link, extracting only the license can be a bit harder.

Hi @lapineige,

I am a coder and an active Mozilla contributor. I want to contribute to this Mozilla Community.
Looking forward to join the team.

Thank you
Amit Kumar Jaiswal

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That’s a great news ! :wink:
Well we had the first code meeting yesterday, if you missed it, here are the link to the topic (and notes): https://discourse.mozilla-community.org/t/code-working-group/8175
(but you were here, right ? I’m not sure, the video was too dark to recognize you ^^)

As seen in your profile, it seems that you can help in a lot of fields.
If you want to get involved in devices support field, it might be a good idea to discuss about it here.
If not (only), I think it’s a good idea to go on the topic linked above, to introduce yourself, your field of interest, watch some of the link, ask for help, and so on.

Welcome abroad :slightly_smiling:

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Hi @lapineige, I visited the above link and i joined telegram group.

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That’s a good idea, I’ll do that. Do you think a dedicate entry on the wiki with technical details may be good?