[Update] Suggestions for archiving firefox os pages on MDN

Dear B2G OS community members,

As a part of transition process, our B2GOS Documentation team are thinking of deprecating (archiving) some firefox os pages on MDN. We would like to know your suggestions for what pages to be moved to archive or reused. Please provide your valuable input here. This helps us to evaluate & continue furthur. Thank you :slight_smile:

These pages can be modified for B2G OS purposes:

UPDATE 1: I am modifying this page & it’s sub topics for B2G :slight_smile: feel free to improve this section if required. Bye !

UPDATE 2: Please follow this topic for more details https://discourse.mozilla-community.org/t/plan-for-restructuring-and-archiving-current-fxos-mdn-content/82942

UPDATE 3 Documentation link updated, build instructions updated to transition branch & unnecessary docs are cleared. Volunteers are invited to help improving the content :slight_smile: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/B2G_OS


Why do you want to deprecate that pages?

I’ll post at night (UTC-5) what I thing should be changed or removed.


becoz they no longer required by neither mozilla nor for us.

This need to be confirm page by page IMHO. Some doc’ can still be useful for current firefox os users (like flashing your phone).

feel free to propose your ideas here. These are just my proposals.

nice point. We will leave the troubleshooting page

I agree with most of these removals, although I did specifically want to talk about the Firefox OS-specific APIs/Apps information. We should be wary about removing this until we know what APIs are officially being removed from Gecko. Some of this stuff (for example Browser API) is being reused in Devtools/Servo, and other parts of it will probably remain anyway in the B2G OS.

We can definitely remove System Messages and Web Activities; Ben Francis just reported that they’re being removed.

Also just to make it clear — we wouldn’t remove the material altogether; we would move it to the Archive part of MDN, which is there to hold historical/out of date information that may still be of some interest.

Oh ok, so that’s perfect IMHO.

I disagree to move all these pages now. For example, the device specific pages could be useful to create the new ones for B2GOS. I think we could keep these pages until we have created the new ones updated with B2GOS specific parts.
For example, I know some people who were interested to build for the ZTE Open C. I think I will try myself too so the page needs to stay available somewhere.
I don’t know if the archive part of Mdn is public but if it is the case, I’m interested to know where it is. And of course if it’s public, I totally agree to remove these pages.

I will do it too, but in a few months (I lent it to a friend).
In my first message I was thinking the archive are still public, and if not I disagree too, some of those page may be useful for building B2G / as a basis for the new pages / to the current firefox os users/dev.

We will have a link to the archive on the B2G OS page. How is this idea @chrismills ?

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The MDN archive is public: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Archive.

I personally think it would be best to move the documentation we are not sure about the usefulness of to the archive sooner rather than later, and then if people do take an interest in a certain device, work on it, and manage to get B2G OS running on it, we can update the information and move it back.

This would also allow us to keep the B2G OS area of the site neater and more navigable. At the moment, it is a bit of a mess in places.


This sounds reasonable. When the move happens, I will make sure to keep the Archived FxOS content well structured too, so we can still find things there :wink:


That’s seems perfect.

So, when shall we start archiving the docs ?

This is a great idea :slight_smile:

That sounds fine. It will be far better to have B2GOS section with only pages that are used currently.

Topic updated. Please take a look :slight_smile:


The idea of making a copy of all the Firefox OS pages to be archived is EXCELLENT. Having this somewhere archived that can be referred to in the future would be great.

Big +1.

Thank you.



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Thank you for this big effort. Hope I could start to help you as soon as possible. Is there any to do list or priority for the documentation group (if I can properly talk of a group!)?