[Update] Suggestions for archiving firefox os pages on MDN

yes. there is a todo list https://discourse.mozilla-community.org/t/plan-for-restructuring-and-archiving-current-fxos-mdn-content/8294

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Maybe we should add this link on the top of the topic, @kskarthik :slightly_smiling:

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Sure ! Done

Is there any “graphical” (let’s say, at least a site map) way to visualize the architecture of B2GOS doc, and if possible the progression of each page ?
I was just thinking that a kind of “mindmap”, showing on a branch each categories of the doc (for instance: 1 for building tasks, one for the code part, …), and every page in a category, with link and if possible progress (like %) of the doc effort.
That’s just an idea, but I think it will greatly help people to understand how the doc is structured, and the current status of doc efforts.

Apart from that, in this topic we talk about the idea of having a dedicated page for the doc’ for each supported device, with the list of what’s (not) working, what’s still not tested, special build instructions, and link to B2G installer, how to build, help, and so on.
Do you think it’s possible/a good idea, and if yes, how can we integrate than into the doc’ ?
I mean, on which part of the doc, and how to manage contributions to those pages (one/some official maintainers ?).

https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Firefox_OS/Building_and_installing_Firefox_OS/B2G_installer_add-on ?

You mean, as a sub-category of the B2G Installer page ?
That seems logical.

No, I think I misundertood: I thought you wanted to add documentation about how the b2g installer works etc.

Oh yeah indeed that was not my point.

But still, a list of supported devices, closely linked to B2G installer, that seems logical IMHO.
Or we can have a more global category, including B2G installer + devices individual status.

Hi there,

Just a quick link to this topic: https://discourse.mozilla-community.org/t/what-about-mulet/8384/8
About Mulet (Emulator) builds.
Could we setup a doc’ page to report the status of this build ? (what’s working or not for instance)

@kskarthik @chrisdavidmills I took the liberty of editing the introduction to the Firefox OS/B2G OS page on MDN as the existing wording wasn’t quite accurate. Let me know what you think.

Is it difficult to rename this page to B2G_OS?

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About this page, there is a list of “developer phones” - but nothing about the Z3C.

@benfrancis I just saw your edit. It’s nice :slight_smile: I mailed chris regarding renaming from Firefox_OS to B2G_OS. Waiting for his reply.

You can add it :slight_smile: if you have an mdn account already.

Oh… I was thinking it was just a lack of a link to the page, but in fact it seems that there is no wiki page for Z3C. Right ?

Is it the same for Mulet ? (can I create/edit a page just with an account)

Hey! i just added z3c to that list. It redirects to this page https://firefoxos.mozilla.community/device/Sony/Xperia%20Z3%20Compact

yes, you can :slight_smile:

Well, that’s far from perfect, as it’s still for Firefox OS.
We should definitely open a B2G OS wiki page for Z3C.

Ok, I will do it - but I might need some help, I’m not a mulet specialist :wink:

Cheers Ben; wording looks good.

It’s not hard to shift the pages across to B2G_OS. I’ll be getting my teeth into restructuring the section next Tuesday when I’m back at work.


Hi there, this is an sugestion to the MDN:
I’m often lost in the pages and have no idea where i am and where i have to click to go step by step throug.
@lapineige sugested to post this here so somebody can have a look on it.

If i click on any sub topic the breadcrumb gets updatet with the page but not the topic…

and after clicking on a step forward link like this:

The tree closes and i don’t have a hint where im actualy standing and where to go…

That makes it realy complicated to navigate…

Maybe somebody can improve that…
Regards, Novski

Thanks for suggestion. I fixed the typo. But, we need to keep that side bar
until b2g os is alloted a seperate place on mdn because the connected
devices links are also there.