[updated: 13th July] Call for App maintainers. Adopt an App

I already fixed the clock app with albertos help!


Then, did you make a PR yet ?

Great! How did you manage the alarm part?



Hi B2Geeks,

First, thanks @kskarthik for managing this summary of who works on what.

I had no time to work on anything yet, but I tested a few former hosted apps: the calculator is working and could be integrated at building time (still not sure if it’s possible), notes app is not working on Firefox (the storage doesn’t work) - I will try on B2G soon.

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@TitanNano was so kind to point me on Telegram to Bugzilla tickets concerning the Clock rework.


After some digging I found a meta ticket tracking the progress of the transitioning process:

I leave them here in case someone wants to follow along where she or he can help :slight_smile:

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It is https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1274928

Exciting works folks, keep going ! :slight_smile:

Hi @sizvix ! What’s your status ?

I’m reco®ding it from scratch, video and photo file with resolution selection OK
I will have some questions like how to verify the resolution of my stream ?
End of next week I think I will publish my draft on github and list the todo points and questions in a discussion thread :wink:


Please create a special topic for it :wink:

Personally when i’m doing this i’m getting this error:

12:49:20.551 NS_ERROR_DOM_BAD_URI: Access to restricted URI denied
getTestFile() navigator_moz_mobilemessage.js:45
1 navigator_moz_mobilemessage.js:45:0

It didn’t appears when i start the app trough Mulet my understanding is that trough mulet the javascript is call through HTTP and not directly from the filesystem.



Hi @m.ducorps what’s the status of your work ? :slight_smile:

For now I’m struggling to have a Gaia environment working either on mulet or using the emulator.
I have done code reading mainly and checked the app trough Firefox but it’s not really relevant as it’s calling the JavaScript with the format file///

This the brief update I can give for now, I’ll try in the next two days to give a more precise update.


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Thank you Mathh :slight_smile: Wish you success

on a gnu/linux machine, could a localhost help to avoid file:/// ?
for instance, localhost:8000/ given by (command line) :
python -m SimpleHTTPServer
python -m CGIHTTPServer
python3 -m http.server [ --cgi ]
in a sub-folder of the machine, where are html, js and css files.
it’s even possible to have cgi with python scripts.

@benfrancis @lissyx Can you please help him ^

Please use Mulet and hack on top of that.


Hey, sorry for having been not active these times. I was busy.
I see that nobody is on the calendar app, so I will start working on that.

Do we have a clear process to work on webapps? (a wiki page maybe? I’ve seen some broken links into the gaia documentation on mdn)
We need to turn apps into webapps, so running the app directly into Firefox is ok (maybe using a server, I tried and it works pretty well) or using Mulet is a far better solution? People who have already fixed some apps have used which method? I’m interesting to know how you work on apps.

Moreover, I’m not familiar with how to build all the required files for the apps. The clock app which is almost fixed seems to be working well on my computer but I want to be sure that I’ve not forgotten to do something.
I’ve done the “npm install --production” in gaia folder. (without the --production option, it fails)
And also the the “bower install” command in the shared folder.
Moreover, the bower command says that:

Unable to find a suitable version for gaia-icons

Do you know which version I should use? The choices are 0.10.3 or 1.0.2. The second one is higher so it seems to be a the better choice…

Thank you for your help.


hey! thanks for working on calendar app :slight_smile: I am adding you to the list above

as of now, no. Feel free to ask other app maintainers if you have any doubts. Mulet is good to work, AFAIK & please create a topic on calender app in this section to update your work status on it :slight_smile:

I have been a contributor & team member of SMS app - Gaia side, from past two years (till last december). Also, i can expect mentoring on gaia side from previous owner & peers (Julien, Oleg and Steve). But i am not sure about about Gecko/mozMobileMessage api part and recent changes in it. I guess these api is dead.