[updated: 13th July] Call for App maintainers. Adopt an App

(Jin ZHANG) #42

I will take FM Radio.

(Lapineige) #43

Glad to see so many people wanting to help ! :slight_smile:

@jzhang @rishav006 don’t forget to create a topic when you have some first results/questions :wink:

For my part I’ll start to port next week :slight_smile:

(Sai Karthik) #44

Nice! I added you to the list :slight_smile:

(had dub) #45

I’d like to work on the Gallery. My javascript skills are meh, but I have enough interest to keep it moving forward.

(Sai Karthik) #46

Nice! I added you to the list :slight_smile: & pls create a topic in this section to inform your updates on it :slight_smile:

(Salvador de la Puente González) #47

Hi @bluemini, although I’m very busy right now, contact me if you need assistance with Cost Control.


gallery was one of the worsts Firefox OS apps: lags, bad organization, abnormal slowness. If you can improve it, we all will thank you :slight_smile:

(Lapineige) #49

Right now I think it’s easier to make it working again, it’s a lot less work (even if some minor tweaks can be added). Enhancing it will be a second step.

(Jovan Gerodetti) #50

guys, a couple of apps have “maintainers” here, but I see 0 bugs on bugzilla… :confused:

(Sai Karthik) #51

i see some guys started working on apps already. But, you are right

(Nick) #52

Thanks @salva - Since we are working to make the ‘standard’ web apps I’ve been trying to figure out how the data that Cost Control surfaces can be gleaned from standard browser APIs and so far to no avail. It seems like SIM data is not accessible using these standard APIs. If you know any way to get to the data it would be very useful.

(Sai Karthik) #53

Dialer app is only working now. You might find something useful in it.

(Salvador de la Puente González) #54

If networks statistics has been removed, I’m afraid it would not be possible to gather any statistics. Any place where I can find what APIs are still available?

(Fabrice) #56

That’s not correct. chrome:// is just the protocol from which we serve the apps. DOM APIs are still available - we made changes so that all the b2g specific ones are now available to chrome:// documents and not to the old certified or privileged apps.

(Luca) #57

Did you look here, Salva? https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/B2G_OS/API

(Sai Karthik) #58

Dear adopters, What is the status of your work ?


I made a milestones-draft-list. So I wold like to ask the Developers to take a minute and update theyr section also with information of the current status so we can then better support you and the Project. Thanks.

(simon g) #60

For the Camera app , I explain the “evolution” there : https://discourse.mozilla-community.org/t/camera-app/9723/9
I’m trying to use Camera API in my code but it doesn’t work … Code which works on older versions of Firefox OS don’t works on Transition version :-/
I would search in gecko code, but it’s a little bit hard to understand everything around camera API ^^U

(Lapineige) #61

And do we have any bug to follow the progress ?

(Krz37) #62

@kskarthik, can you update the app "adopters"
In this week’s meeting notes are the information we could gather, code section : https://wiki.mozilla.org/B2G/Meeting/2016-09-13