[updated: 13th July] Call for App maintainers. Adopt an App

(M Ducorps) #63

Bug Created for SMS app, let me know it’s ok or not



(Sai Karthik) #64

hey, i couldn’t edit my post to update :frowning: Do we have any pad for flexible editing ?


Hello, I hope you are doing well! I wanted to help by adopting the Music app. I filed a bug for it here (Bugzilla Music App).

(Luca) #66

Thank you, @coder206! :grinning:


Is this still an ongoing project?

(simon g) #68

We need Firefox running on a light android as system UI and the system functionality (telephony, sms, wifi …) .
I know there is vmx working on it, maybe fabrice and some others , but the activity seems more en irc ( so, no conversation history …)
For my part and probably, like most of us, I’m unable to help on modifying android and adapt the system for Firefox :-/ … so, I can’t help for the moment, or maybe do some test when we will get something to install …

(Lapineige) #69

While as @sizvix said we are currently blocked on the smartphone side, those apps should be working on a desktop browser for instance. (or in another smartphone)
For sure you can’t test telephony app for instance, but let’s said for the music player, calendar, such kind of apps we can still work on them. Even if we can’t test them on a phone, converting them to standard web apps is still possible, at least for a major part.

So even if it’s a bit on hold right now (because of the lack of time and the priority in getting the basic system working) this project is still ongoing :slight_smile: