Updated: Evaluating the comments and integrating the response (by MozIn Restructure and Strategy Workgroup)

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The work group did a detailed analysis of all the proposals. It has gone through the comments and views and has integrated them. It is as follows :

Proposal- I

  • No massive change but needs some change in efficiency.
  • Backbone is fine but let’s make it more effective
  • Fix some shortcomings

Proposal 2:

    • The proposal intends to propose an organizational structure that can help the Mozilla India community attract and retain contributors while keeping the process as light-weight, transparent,
      open and accessible and operating at scale. While defining structural guidelines for Mozilla India, we have to take into account a wide variety of linguistic and cultural differences spread across a vast geographical area.
      Communications: What we have now. We have telegram, discourse and irc.
      Proposed solutions: Discourse ,given the conversation features that Discourse has, adopt the Mozilla Discourse sub-category as primary communication channel.
      Team Structures:
      A. Information
      Each team will have a functional objective like technical, advocacy, logistics, documentation etc.
      B. Facilitation
      Facilitators will be primarily responsible
      Each team will have an even number of facilitators, minimum 2
      A facilitator should be well-versed in the requirements of the team
      C. Team members, operation and onboarding
      Team members can share tasks depending on the nature of the team.
      Ownership of a team is not limited to the facilitators. Ownership is shared across the team. Special responsibility for the facilitators. No special treatment for them.
      Community Operations
      This team is essentially the Event Task Force rebooted to the format of the team structure.
      Handling logistics of national level events and budgets.
      Reward structure is outside the scope of this proposal.
      Recognition is about thanking anyone and everyone for their efforts
      Tracking the contribution. A central dashboard that accumulates metrics across systems and presents a coherent list of contributions.
      Multiple possible options for recognizing contributors
      Grievance Addressal:
      Formation of Meta Team
      Grievance Addressal can’t be made of multiple layers (of anonymity)
      Use an anonymous form to help in addressing personal and sensitive grievances,including harassment and other offences.
      The data received will not be open to comments. It will be addressed privately by the grievance addressal team.
      At any point of time the community can adapt itself given the situations

Proposal 3:A

  • Raised communication issues

Proposal 4:

  • All about retention plan.

Proposal 5:

  • It’s around Mozilla clubs

Proposal 6:

  • Only Roles and Responsibilities are mentioned

Proposal 7:

  • (Proposal to restructure Mozilla India aimed at maximizing impact and growth. It talks about the four fundamental principles:
  1. Teams
    A.) When should a team be formed?
    Any Task that needs more time for an individual to finish than how much it would take to form a team and finish it.
    B.) How is a team formed?
    Group of people come together without violating the fundamental principles to solve a task that is not being worked on by any other team. There shall be a central place (a URL) which has a table listing down all teams, their purpose, their communication channel(s), and an optional link to get more info.
    C.)When does a team cease to exist?
    A team doesn’t exist as soon as
    its task is done
    it violates the fundamental principles
    there is nobody working in it
    D.)Who are the members of a team?
    Anyone who involves themselves in the team’s work is a member.
    E.)What are the other possibilities of a team?
    Teams can mingle with each other.
    Teams can regroup. A team is never static. It can split into different teams, merge with other teams, disburse itself, reform, etc infinite number of times. Teams are flexible.
  2. Leaders
    A.) Why is everyone in a team a leader?
    For free and open culture where no one dictates and everyone is free to lead themselves to a solution. Members who have the qualities of a leader will automatically lead others. Although, nobody will be called a “leader”.
    B.) Who will represent teams?
    The teams can decide within itself who should represent themselves in any situation. They can change their representative at any time and they can have multiple representatives for multiple situations.
    C.) Will there not be disagreements in teams?
    How can the disagreement. fights, etc be solved without a leader? Through consensus.
  3. Work in the open
    A.) How much of work should be in the open?
    As much as possible. At least a word should be mentioned about anything that took a couple of hours to do.
    B.) Where is “open”?
    Open is where people can see like Discourse, wiki, etc.
  4. Invite Participation
    Teams must make it dead simple for others to get started. They should proactively seek participation from outsiders.
    A.) Infrastructure
    To run this community following infrastructure is suggested such as Websites, Blogs, Planet, Forum and Social Media.
    B.) Control of Infrastructure
    Team for managing each infrastructure. These teams should have a minimum of 2 members in the beginning. These members should be elected by the community and be responsible and accountable. Every six months a new member should be elected to each of these teams to get new ideas from new members.

Proposal 8:

  • Regional representation and sole authority should be avoided
  • No quota system

Proposal 9:

  • Non-reps should be able to file report
  • It talks more about transperency
  • Portal for all Mozilla India Volunteers
  • The proposal talks about mainly three points which are documentation, transperency and tool to track and document activity

Proposal 10:

  • The proposal talks about the challenges in the community and reasons to refresh the community.
  • Also, provides a roadmap for next 5 years.
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Quick question: By “integrated”, do you mean “summarized” or “combined into one proposal”?

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