Uploading screenshots to the internet is a foot waiting to be shot at

(Foobar) #1

I seriously love that I can take screenshots of specific elements in the page without having to drag a square. But uploading somewhere as soon as one presses the Save button (a bit misleading name, should say Upload) is a problem waiting to happen. At some point someone is gonna upload stuff they didn’t want to be uploaded and there no way to opt-out.

It would be very nice if you could use the Save button to actually Save the screenshot to my local disk and add an Upload or Share button if people want to do that.

(Shnoulle) #2

Altrenative : image can be saved in URI format to DOM Storage

(Donovan Preston) #3

We have added download functionality in more recent versions of Page Shot, so if you want to download the shot image instead of sharing it on the pageshot.net website, you can press the down arrow button instead of the “Save” button.

(Kelly) #4

This does not solve the problem. The UI is not clear at all. If you want to include an upload to internet button it should be clearly labeled as “Upload to Online Storage” and “Save to disk”.

(Teoh Han Hui) #5

“Save” should really be renamed “Share” to avoid any confusion.