UR# prototypes shipped, next steps

I just dropped the 2nd batch of 3 pairs of our prototype devices for
shipment to Punam in San Jose. They are named, paired (claimed by the
respective Particle account) and flashed with the current
"Prototype-UR2/InternetButton" code from github.

I would like to move the pulse to the vibration motor to the front of the
sequence, and make it much shorter. I think it should quietly/subtly
announce the incoming light “message”.

We also need to hook up the battery voltage sensor code to use A5 (analog
input from pin 5) and find the appropriate threshold voltage to put the
device to sleep before the discharge protection circuit on the battery does
it for us. (And confirm that is actually what happens)

The shipment was in 2 parts. 2 pairs should arrive monday morning, 3 pairs
should arrive monday evening. That means you have 2 extra devices as I have
2 more here for our Eugene study participants. You can fight over them, or
hold them in reserve in case we have casualties in the field.

I also included 2 extra 3d printed enclosures, and some of the bits like
the little stripboard, hinge pin, etc. Punam, IIRC you have the other
components? I shot some video while assembling one of the devices and on
Monday I’ll edit and post it - which should help as a guide. It would be
good to reduce our bus factor and have at least one other person put these
together and help me to have someone to discuss what we can improve on for
next time.


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