Use case: Sending Large files in lieu of extreme email attachment restrictions

A co-worker and I were just discussion how awesome this service could be. At our workplace, we are constantly asked why customer emails are not getting to them and 40% of the time it is because their attachments are too large. Claims department needs photo proof to process damages and other issues, but customers (despite being told we only have a 5 MB attachment size limit) still send 10+ MB sized attachments.

In its current form, it’s a bit tedious to have to send even 5 large images since you’d have to generate 1 link per picture, or the sender could group the pictures in a zip file and send that, but that means working with and teaching non-tech-savvy individual how to do that.

All in all, adding the ability to group multiple files in one link or better yet uploading folders with files would be great.

Any one else deal with this issue at work?