Using #B2GOS hashtag on social networking sites

Hello friends,

To help sort all the posts related to b2gos on social networking sites please use this hashtag #B2GOS or #b2gos while posting about any topic related to b2g OS.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Sai Karthik Karra


Why not just plain and simple #B2G instead?

B2G is used by a company on twitter. B2GOS is only present for BootToGecko. I generally use B2GOS or the @BootToGecko official account in my tweets.

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Thanks for the clarification!

We talked about a pad to list the communication channels, is it created already?


We should do it.
Is it created right now ?
If not, I will do it.

Thanks @Valentin for doing it.
The pad:

Great! Thanks for posting! :slight_smile:

I just share the banner I’ve done a while ago for my Twitter Account @stargayte. If you want to use it, go ahead :smiley:

It could be better with white text, dont’ you think so ?

Can you use while letters. It looks much better :slight_smile:

The logo i’ve found in the wiki use grey letters, that’s why i used that color. Maybe I can change that :slightly_smiling: