Using the Menu Icon for the Top Level Menu

I have two icons for my extension, one used as the logo and shown in AMO and on the extensions page:

And one designed for the smaller icon size used on the menu:

This works fine, but for one exception, the top level displays the icon intended for larger displays:

Is there a way for me to specify the simpler icon for the top level menu (on edit) while retaining it on the addons page and AMO?

Answering my own question, you specify the smaller icons as the menu icon in the manifest.json, so this:

 "icons": {
      "16": "icons/bbcwbx.svg"

becomes this:

 "icons": {
      "16": "icons/bbcwbx-menu.svg",
      "32": "icons/bbcwbx-menu.svg",
      "64": "icons/bbcwbx.svg"

And now the menu goes from this:

to this:

While the Addons page retains the icon for the larger format: