Verification Nightmares

Listen, with everybody and their mother jumping in on these verification models, my productivity is going down the toilet fast. I have to keep having Firefox send me emails to login when I have automatic login turned on. I got an error, but I do not have time to keep trouble-shooting this browser. To turn us into beta-testers, you need to pay us for our time to do so. I will not give my time freely anymore, and this is just nonsense. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’m on the internet all the time, and I swear these different methods of verification are subtracting an hour (at least) from my time each day. I move around very fast, but keep bumping into this from some high-level decision to bombard people with emails, texts, phone calls, etc. to get logged in anywhere. Baloney! What is wrong with this picture and why don’t these corporations care that our time is money :dollar: too? Pay me to waste my time, please. I used to get paid with cash, free products, or gift cards. I prefer cash, thank you very much.

If you jump in here to say “get over it” you can keep moving to another post. I’m not interested in your justifications for what these monopolies are doing to consumers and user-bases worldwide … for free. I changed my phone number to get away from this, and am not giving it to anybody on the internet, financial, credit or otherwise. That was a real pain in the butt. They can have my 800-number from now on. Big Brother packed his bags and moved out … theoretically speaking. :laughing: