Version 89.0 Disables Re-Size of Library Window

Version 89.0 Disables Re-Size of Library Window
The only reason I still use Firefox is the ability to open a separate Library Window for Bookmarks/History etc. With version 89.0 one can no longer re-size the width of that window. You can change the height, but not the width, effectively making the Library window larger than is useful. Please fix the issue.

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It is resizable for me on Windows 10. If yours is stuck you could consider deleting the xulstore.json file in your profile folder (when Firefox is not running). That’s the file which stores various window and dialog dimensions and it can occasionally get broken.

If you are on Mac, there is some other file (I can’t recall the name) which could be relevant.

Thank you for your reply, I was able to delete the the json file but it did not address the issue.

When using the “show all bookmarks” from the Bookmarks menu, the window that opens will not re-size from left to right.

If I switch to the “History” list within the window, that one can re-size in both directions.

Returning to “Bookmarks” after visiting “History” as a temporary fix, maintains the size settings and the ability to re-size that window until you close the window. Upon re-opening via the “Show All Bookmarks” the issue returns.

The Library window’s horizontal dimensions are stuck to a minimum length (full blurb text, full web address, etc) when opened via show all bookmarks.

Hmm, I can’t explain it. What OS are you running? Do you want to file a bug?

Operating system is Windows 10.

Please submit a bug report

I’m sorry, my plate is too full.

What is the name of the Windows feature that links the two windows together like that so they share the screen side by side? Does Windows always do that when you open the Library? It never does that on mine, the Library window just floats over the main window.

Hi all, have the same problem. I also use FF for its ability to open a separate Library Window for Bookmarks/History etc.
I installed V95.x to check it out and the Library resizes constantly as soon as you click on a saved bookmark.

Here’s a vid where you can see it:

This is in safe mode without any extensions etc.

Is this a bug or what? The library window resizes constantly to a width of 827 px.

This is exremely annoying.