Visibility of Test Pilot


I have a comment to make on the visibility of the Test Pilot

  • If I did not follow mozilla news, I would never have
    discovered Test Pilot and yesterday I reformat my PC and to the extent that the
    add-on Pilot Test was not synchoniser on my account, it took me 15 good minutes
    of searching to find the page.

  • Same problem for edition Niglty / Dev Aurora and Firefox
    (x64 in stable version)Why working on good funky project if no one knows!

We must put this forward dammit!

Personally I’d like the FireFox extension menu (in all
version) it will always have a tab call
"Beta" (or test pilot?) That the add-on Test Pilot is installed by
default with Firefox. Thus all the curious have direct access to test.

Similarly must on the / test programs to
be put forward to encourage people to be tested and get involved in the future
of their browser.

It must be that when people on a Firefox account to log in
to their browser, the connection to the forum (discourse) this done
automatically (and without the need to
link their account to another or having even created a separate account. It
would Just as people can leave comments without account (I know it’s risky, but
it’s simple, the more people involved!)

Finally I can quote a subject but never mind, it would have
directly in the Firefox options, there was again a Beta tab, or people with a
single click, could tip them into Firefox Aurora / Niglty / dev / Release,
always with the idea to encourage people to come.

So people might simply switch from one version to another
without having to reconfigure.

It would though there was an icon or something that
indicates the bookmark or its extention synchronize well (a small tick on the
line for example)

Finally (again): why do not you put more in the 64x forware?
It is terribly stable and faster when I go download Firefox on the main page,
it gives me the default x86. I think it is important to unify x86 and x64
installer and to install it can do the rocking fonctione system. (A single
installer = simpler = user base happy :))

Why from the main page of Firefox installation you could not
put two

component: I just went on the internet simply / I am an
experienced user

The first offers to download the auto installer FF the
second reference to the choice Release / Aurora / Nightly / Dev?

Anyway, I hope you will notice its more helpful and I would
be very happy to talk about this on the forum.

(I’m a be angry against Mozilla, which provides and offers
many innovative good thing and that is not able to put in the front)

Have a good day ! :slight_smile:

P.-S.: sorry for my english

Hey Post-Scriptum, we’re working to get Test Pilot more front and center for our users. Look for another marketing push when we add a few new experiments next month. I’d also like to get Test Pilot built directly into Firefox as a system add-on but that may take a bit more work!

WRT Sync, we are aware of this issue and would like to see this resolved. Since we’ve backed out Firefox Accounts it may become a bit easier.