Vivaldi's things in Mozilla

Hey I’m thinking to migrate to mozilla from vivaldi just because of it’s troubles with synch login (after some windows updates it’s just forget me every reboot) and I tired of it.
BUT I like vivaldi so much because of it’s little possibilities and I want to see most of them in mozilla. So I’d like to ask is there any add-ons that make mozilla vivaldi like or I should just search for tons of different addons?
I want:

  • tab switching with mouse wheel
  • tabs grouping by site name
  • all opened tabs list
  • making quick notes from selected text
  • splitting different tabs in one screen
  • mouse gestures
  • multiselecting tabs (to move them or just close all at once)
  • saving set of tabs as session
  • list of previously closed tabs (instead of ctrl+t to find what you need)
    and so on…

This is impossible apart from opening a site in the sidebar.

This is a built in feature, you can select multiple tabs by holding Ctrl or Shift, I believe.

This list exists in the History submenu as “Recently Closed Tabs”

The other bullet points should be possible to be done in an extension to some extent, so you should at least be able to find the individual functionality as extension. It’s likely you’ll need multiple extensions, since one extension can provide one toolbar and one URL bar button, so if you need more buttons, that has to be a separate extension.