Voco add-on play back sound

I am trying to install and configure Voco add-on on WebThings Gateway. For this I am using Jabra USB speaker / microphone combo. Speaker and microphone seems to be detected and working fine, I tested it via "aplay " and “record”.

I also here feedback when I say “hey snip” however feedback sound is played very fast. For example if I say “what is current time?” I do hear output but it playbacks very fast and it is hard to understand. If I connect speaker via 3.5mm jack and change Things --> Voice Control --> Audio output --> From " USB Audio" to “Built-in Headphone jack” it works fine.

Please file an issue here: https://github.com/createcandle/voco/issues


Thank you will do. If I may ask does Voice Control add-on work? I first tried “Voice Control” seems to not work at all. I am trying to make voice control work.


It works, but has some significant issues right now.