Volume control - known issue?


On my old build on my flame, the volume control buttons would control the media volume if media was playing. On the Z3C it only ever controls the ringer volume. This seems quite obvious so I assume it’s known and there’s already a bug I could follow?

(Nhirata) #2

This doesn’t sound right. Which build are you on? The volume control
should control for the app that’s in the foreground/media playing.

Also are you playing something in the background and then trying to use the
volume controls? Are you wearing headphones or using Bluetooth speakers?

There was some changes to the audio channel and I think you might be
hitting a bug. We’ll need a little more detail in what’s going on with
your device.


No headphones or speakers, shouldn’t be anything in the background, but let me restart and try. Ah it’s working now, so something must have gotten “stuck.”

Build ID: 20151130130150

On a Foxfooding Z3C.

(Nhirata) #4


You some how got into a buggy condition. If you figure out how you got
into that situation in the first place, please report that as a bug with a
logcat and STR, please.


Sure, will keep an eye out if it happens again.