Webextension firefox call remote background.js file possible?

(Leonardo Sedevcic) #41

i mean a redirection for my add-on sorry :smiley:

(erosman) #42

It was already discussed.

(Leonardo Sedevcic) #43

Thanks :smiley: for all your help the code for my website you provided works, BUT the css for the menu is killed, and also the mouse cursor change to a typing cursor, scrolling is also dead :smiley:

(Leonardo Sedevcic) #44

I was also thinking to one thing, its possible to password protect the add-on from uninstalling by user with a password ?

(erosman) #45

All of above CSS can be added again. I only wrote a quick example. A proper code would take time to prepare.

That is not possible and even if it was, it would not be allowed. Addon can not be prevented from uninstal.