[Website Launch] Notes from the Product Manager:

(Lucyeoh) #1

The new Open Source Student Network (OSSN) Website is the first public prototype of the Community Support Software (CoSS) product. Welcome! As the product manager for CoSS I’ve been so excited to pilot this with the Open Source Student Network program. You all are familiar with the content and goals of the OSSN program so let me use this opportunity to give you a few interesting tidbits about the product behind it.

It’s built using Wagtail, an Open Source Djando based CMS framework. We’ve been following the motto “Think big, act small” so as we do things like create this site, we validate approach for multi-site handling, build reusable content blocks in a generic way to be leveraged across the organization, and great integrations with other Mozilla used tools.

For those of you keen to poke around under the hood you can find the GitHub repo here.

If you have questions, are interested in more of the engineering strategy or the product strategy, ask about it on this discourse thread and someone from the Product and Engineering team will be happy to geek out with you.