Weekly Call 06-10-2016


Thursday September 06th, 16:00 UTC


Check the agenda and please add your own topics as well if you have something to share with us.

AirMozilla video


Weekly call details:



  • WebVR
  • Council updates
  • outreach plans for students

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Shout outs!
Know some Reps who did an amazing work! Let’s share some #mozlove to them! ( they will be tweeted after the meeting)

TOPIC 1 - WebVR updates - Ram and Srushtika

  • Having more developers and content creators playing with WebVR is important for the future of virtual reality to help build towards a free and open virtual reality platform not owned by any individual entity.

  • A-Frame is used extensively by the Mozilla VR team to prototype and experiment with WebVR.

  • Having more contributors know A-Frame will give them a chance to get involved in one of the most exciting revolutions in the field of technology.

  • From Mozilla India Meetup, Indian community started WebVR India group (http://telegram.me/WebVRIndia).

  • we did a lot of experiments cause we didn’t have a lot of volunteers, so we did monthly and weekly calls and telegram groups

  • We are in a learning face

  • we have a github repo, and we put all of our updates there

  • We will in the next set of the mozactivate activities

  • Event is coming up next weekend in Hyderabad, the agenda is focusing on beginners for WebVR

  • this is an experiment event

  • we are trying to build as many as contributors as possible

  • Huge response (85 registrations till now with 2 more days until deadline) for only 25 seats !

  • We have a list of metrics that we’ll measure through the event that’ll be a feed for the future events !

  • can you add the link of the repo here?

  • Yes, Repo here.

  • Reps event Link.

  • More details.

TOPIC 2 - Featured Future Events - Francisco

  • MozGirls Connected Devices Workshop (Dhaka, Bangladesh) 7th
  • After a successful event of MozGirls Initiation and Contribution Day, we have come up with a series of events which will basically focus on connected devices. We will have these events to engage more girls in tech and in the contribution team of Mozilla. This event will also cover IoT and we will show the latest development and experiments that Mozilla has been working on. Students and Makers from electronics and computer background will be invited for this event.
  • Hashtag: #MozGirls #MozBDCD
  • LinuxDays 2016 (Prague, Czech Republic) 8th-9th
  • The LinuxDays conference 2016 means two days of talks, workshops, booths of various projects (Ubuntu, Debian, Gentoo, Slax, openSUSE, vpsFree.cz, etc.), building of 3D printers, electronics ham-shack for children, lots of interesting people and lot of new informations. Although the event is primarily held in the Czech language, there will be talks in English as well. The event is free of charge.
  • Hashtag: #LinuxDays
  • Webcompat and Firefox Test Pilot events (several cities), 10th-12th
  • Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Tirupati, India
  • Juventude Conectada (Sao Paulo, Brazil) 12th
  • Exercise your HTML skills while customizing the business page and learning code, compose, evaluate, remix, revise, share, and synthesize!
  • Hashtag: #teachtheweb
  • PyCon-FR 2016 (Rennes, France) 13th-16th
  • French-speaking users of the Python language are gathering together during a few days to talk about their experiences in the field, learn from each other and show off new tricks. PyCon-fr ( http://www.pycon.fr ) became a reference event to learn Python, refine one’s skills, meet maintainers of popular libraries… and essentially meet and have a pleasant time together. Mozilla is a platinum sponsor of the event
  • Hashtag: pyconfr

TOPIC 3 - Reps/Regional Team Updates - Guillermo

  • Finishing Q4 goals (we will discourse it soon)
  • Ending Arabic Community Gathering preparations
  • Starting Mexico Community Gathering preparations
  • Mentors: remember to enlist yourself on the Coach training

TOPIC 4 - Council Updates - Rara

TOPIC 5 - Outreach plans for students - Ruwan-Ranganath

  • Support former FSA clubs to transition to Mozilla campus clubs
  • Doing Mozilla Campus clubs presentation in software freedom day events
  • Having a meeting with State and other university undergrads to discuss about mozilla campus club program initiation
  • Initiating L10n events in each active universities in order to recruit new volunteers into the program ( since people more familiar with L10n)
  • Re-branding Social media and blogs ( including internal university pages)