Weekly Call 2016-05-12


  • Thursday May 12th, 16:00 UTC


  • Check the agenda and please add your own topics as well if you have something to share with us.

AirMozilla video

Weekly call details:


  1. Presenting the Indonesian community space - Indonesian Community
  2. CodeCamp & DevTalks Cluj - Ioana
  3. Hacker Lounge JS Budapest
  4. Events
  5. Council updates

And your topic! - feel free to add it on etherpad

PS: As always we encourage you to add some shout outs! We have amazing reps doing amazing work! Let’s send them some #mozlove!

Raw notes here.


  1. Hi my name is Mohammed @migdadi and I am from Jordan. My hobby is Hiking
  2. Hi, I’m @couci from Greece and my hobby is caving and go to the movies
  3. Hi I’m Irvin from Taiwan and my hobby is cycling
  4. Hi I am Ioana from lovely Cluj Napoca - My hobby is exploring nature and cities
  5. Hi I am Yofie from Mozilla Community Space Jakarta.H
  6. i, I am Fauzan from Bandung, Indonesia
  7. Liv, Gabriel, Flaki and the Crew from the Mozilla Hackerlounge at JSConf Budapest
  8. Hi, my name is Gašper, I’m from Slovenia. My hobby today is istalling Win7 on SSD.
  9. Hola, I’m Rubén. No more rain please!
  10. Hi! I’m Ina from Jakarta. My hobby is shopping:))
  11. Also Rara from Jakarta is here!
  12. Hi I’m Tina from Philippines
  13. Hi Bebe from Romania
  14. Hi I m Viswaprasath from India, joining in Airmozilla
  15. HI i’m Bolaram, from Bangladesh.
  16. Hi I’m Petras from Lithuania, in the UK at the moment.
  17. Hi my name is Amine Zaafouri and I am from Tunisia
  18. Hi, I’m Alex from sunny London and my hobby is Konstantina

Shout outs! Know some Reps who did an amazing work! Let’s share some #mozlove to them!

  • to the whole Indonesian community for opening their community space ( double one for the designers of that AMAZING drawing)+1!
  • Ioana Alex, Jobava and Bebe for representing their local community in CodeCamp and Devtalksto
  • Franc for dealing with all the all hands bugs
  • Big shout out to Hungarian Community for the amazing work done at the Mozilla Hacker Lounge at JS Budapest!‹3

TOPIC 1 - Presenting the Indonesian community space - Indonesian Community

  • Official launching tomorrow. Many people already RSVP. We will share the food pictures on telegram tomorrow!
  • This is the 4th community space after Bangalore, Taipei and Manila. In the following weeks there will be several events related to developer engagement, and tech speaker related, such as github intro, MDN localization, etc. If you have teaching kit and or any materials we can use, feel free to share with us.
  • Other open sources communities are excited to do some events in the space: PHP, Wikimedia Indonesia, Rust, ID Dev Girls… and more to come!Operations is running smoothly, with lots of perks;)
  • Coffee and Karaoke are the standards here. #thoughlife
  • Social media: Twitter; Facebook; Instagram;
  • Website
    *** QUESTIONS:**
  • Are you streaming events on AirMo? :slight_smile:
  • plan to do that , not yet set
  • How did you got the roles and how you structured it terms
  • not set, plans are to give to new people when ready

TOPIC 2 - CodeCamp & DevTalks Cluj - Ioana

TOPIC 3 - Mozilla Hacker Lounge JS Budapest

  • Mozillians from Paris demoing Full week of activities, a lot of technical sessions.
  • Involving people from outside Mozilla but related with our values
  • If you have to choose two activities you have done? Which ones would they be?
  • webVR
  • Contributing to the browser
  • Educating people on js and IoT (microcontrollers)

TOPIC 5 - Events

TOPIC 6 - Council updates